WWE Diva – Alexa Bliss leaked nude pics, and fan fiction

Wrestler woman, Alexa Bliss sexy fan fiction:

Alexa Bliss and I had always had a love-hate relationship. In fact we fought about everything and anything, and only tolerated one another due to the fact that she was set to marry my best friend, Buddy Murphy.

Of course, I found the 25-year-old starlet sexy as hell but a) she was my mates girl, and b) despite being incredibly pretty, she always seemed to come off as a sarcastic, spoiled little brat!

Suffice to say Alexa and I liked each other from the moment we met, even if we didn’t want to admit it to ourselves. Instead we’d just bicker. I guess we just saw a lot of each other in the other person and knew exactly what buttons to push, and pushed them often.

I only intended to stay in Orlando for a few short weeks, so I was happy when Buddy offered me a place to stay in their modest two bedroom apartment. Of course, Alexa wasn’t exactly pleased by this, and even went as far as to blame ME for their lackluster sex life, claiming that having me there would put Buddy off his game.

This of course was bullshit as I could clearly hear them having sex on my second nights stay. I know this because, her little “performance” left me so frustrated that I was forced to rush off to the bathroom to jack off, only to stumble across one of her used panties, which I quickly flooded in semen.

Seeing that smug expression on her face the next morning almost felt like she knew what I had done, but she was merely pleased with herself for being so loud and obnoxious.

“We didn’t keep you up all night did we?” she teased while making coffee.

“Not at all,” I replied back. “I slept like a log. Why, what did I miss?”

The look on her face was priceless.

“I guess next time you’ll just have to be a little louder,” I added.

“Yeah, you wish. You’d like that wouldn’t you.”

Just like Buddy, I too had a wrestling background back in Australia but due to an old injury I’d been sidelined. This of course seemed funny to Alexa, who called me a pussy and liked to remark how I couldn’t handle the “big leagues” like her and Buddy.

Naturally she said this in jest, but sometimes it was hard to tell when she was being serious or not. After a while I stopped caring and gave as good as I got, and called her a clown due to all the make up she was forced to wear.

“What did you call me!”

“Jesus guys, can’t I leave you two alone for five minutes!” Buddy erupted. “You’re like two pre-schooler’s in a playground.”

“Yeah well, she started it!” I replied immaturely, making Alexa laugh out loud.

That being said, it was a few days later that Alexa and I were home alone while Buddy was away in town for some big meeting. That day, Alexa had decided she wanted to lay out by the pool and work on her tan, while I busied myself with Call of Duty and tried not to stare at her ample rack.

“Don’t stare too long, you might hurt yourself.” she snickered at one point.

When my eyes fell to her ass I almost moaned out loud. Sure the blonde minx was just 5’1, but the ass on her was to die for.

“I don’t think Bud would appreciate the way you’re checking me out right now,” she said over her shoulder.

“Excuse me,”

“The way you’re looking at my ass,” she pointed out. “The way you’re eye-fucking me right now.”

“Wait, I AM NOT eye fucking you!” I insisted, taking offence.

“Whatever. I’ll be outside if you need me.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Of course, the moment she turned around and walked to the pool my eyes immediately fell to her ass again.

Over the next hour or so I tried almost everything to busy my mind and distract myself from the fact that not only was Alexa Bliss tanning by the pool, but she was now laying there TOPLESS!

We both knew I could see her from the kitchen window, but she didn’t seem to care in the least. Knowing this, I went out of my way to avoid her and not give her the attention she so clearly craved. Still, for all my effort Alexa soon called out and I went over to find her concealing her boobs with her arm.

“Can you do me a favor, and put some lotion on my back?”

“Err, I don’t think that’s such a good idea,”

“It’s just lotion, pervert.”

Against my better judgement, I took the lotion and applied the substance all over her ass and hips before working my way up to her shoulders and neck. The sexy little minx cooed the entire time too, and even wiggled her derriere in a provocative way as I pampered her.

“You really get off on this huh,” I said.

“I’m not doing anything wrong,” she grinned. “I’m just laying here. You’re the one running his hands all over my body.”

As Alexa spoke, I could feel all sense and logic leave my body – particularly as my hands seemed to have a mind of their own and my fingertips now wandered along the side of her ribs and softly brushed along the swell of her breasts.

Of course, Alexa and I couldn’t be around each other for more than a few minutes before breaking into an argument, and that day was no different. This time we fought about – of all things – who was going to drive the car if and when Buddy called to come pick him up from the office.

Having been teased beyond belief, I finally slammed down the suntan lotion and marched back into the house to play more video games. At that point I was so worked up I was more angry than aroused.

Amusingly enough, this was the precise time Buddy called and asked us to come pick him up. Alexa immediately sauntered into the house, still topless and clutching her bare tits, and seemed adamant about driving.

“You’re not getting these keys,” I told her. “And you’re especially not driving, dressed like that!”

“Give me the keys Dan, it’s my car!”

“Actually, it’s Buddy’s car. And nope. Not happening.”

“okay, fine. Here’s the deal.” she said. “If you manage to pin me down in three moves, I’ll let you drive.”


“You heard me, or are you afraid you can’t handle me,”

I took her up on the challenge, but before I even had time to set up any ground rules or ask if she was even going to attempt to put on any clothes, Alexa swept my leg and flipped me onto the floor. In an instant the blonde wrestler and I were grappling around on the floor like two teenagers, and to my surprise the girl was quick!

It didn’t take long for both of us to build up a sweat and pant excessively as she attempted to place me into a triangle choke, only for me to spin around and pin her firmly onto the carpeted floor. Once there, the expression on her face changed from one of amusement to a look of fire in her eyes.

“Give up?” I growled.

“Not a chance,” she hissed, before I felt her pull me down and kiss me on the lips!

As I began to pull back in shock, Alexa gripped harder and kissed me again, this time shoving her tongue into my mouth. I gasped in surprise and kissed her back, as I felt her wrap her strong powerful legs around me.

In an instant the two of us proceeded to grind on each other while making out passionately with tongue. In fact the moment the kissing began, Alexa was arching her back and humping me like a woman possessed.

Thinking quickly, I shoved down my pants and immediately slammed myself home – filling her fully and completely in one swift action.

“ugh-fuck!” she grunted, as I placed her ankles over my shoulders and proceeded to pound her again and again.

No lube was needed, as I instructed her to play with her clit while I now fucked her right there on the living room floor.

The pattern of her rubbing soon matched the rhythm of my balls slapping against her ass, as I watched her ample breasts jiggle freely back and forth as we fucked, causing her to grow increasingly excited with each stroke.

The grunting from her also increased
as I fucked her senseless – a weeks worth of pent up frustration finally coming to a boil.

I pounded that tight little cunt with all my might, and leaned over to take one
of her stiff nipples into my mouth, which in turn started a chain reaction of her cumming hard.

In fact her clenching muscles were so powerful it soon set me off too, and I had to physically pull out and shoot my load all over her exquisite body, absolutely soaking her belly and breasts in spunk.

BUT if I thought that was the end to our little impromptu “tryst” I was gravely mistaken, as Alexa suddenly moved to straddle me on the floor and moved to sit on my face!

I moaned with glee as I was suddenly presented with her impeccable mound, and hungrily licked her shaved cunt. She moaned as she lowered herself down onto my face, and proceeded to hump my mouth.

I couldn’t believe how good she tasted, and licked her enthusiastically, tonguing and slurping at her cunt and asshole. Alexa responded favorably to this, and reached back to stroke my cock, before swinging her legs around and leaning forward to place us into a sixty-nine.

I didn’t think it was possible, but she seemed to get wetter as she moved her slit up and down my tongue. In fact I felt her slowly stroke my sword just before her warm mouth encased my bell-end whole.

Alexa swirled her tongue around the head slowly, moaning and vibrating my prick as I worked my tongue deep into her pussy. I felt her tongue swishing and gliding up and down my shaft, cleaning me thoroughly before bobbing back and forth over the head.

She then took her mouth off my cock, and I felt her tongue flutter around my nuts, her pulling on one, then the other, before moving back to service my prick. When I finally reached up to pry her thick ass cheeks apart and zeroed in on her ass, she just about lost her fucking mind.

“oh-god, right there.. don’t stop!” she whimpered audibly.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and happily rimmed her sweet little asshole with zeal.

Her entire body started shaking, slowly at first, but I knew she was approaching another orgasm. Alexa gripped my cock even tighter, sucking more of it into her mouth, as her fingers massaged my balls.

“Yeah… eat my ass!” she panted with a mouth full of cock.

Her clit was grinding down on my chin as I tongue-fucked her shit-pipe as deep as humanly possible. In fact I moaned out loud when I watched her asshole not only respond to my probing, but it actually winked and gaped open for me.

Moments later, I returned to her pussy only to find it absolutely sopping wet! Then, without warning she got up to change positions again.

“Fuck it, I need you inside me!” she growled while taking charge.

With that, Alexa carefully lowered herself down onto my cock, enjoying the sensation of being filled. She started riding up and down slowly, but gradually picked up the pace.

All I could do was lay back and watch, as this stunning creature used me for her own pleasure.

I ultimately leaned forward and sucked her nipples into my mouth, which caused her to buck a little harder and moan a lot louder. She grunted loudly as I bit softly on one of her nipples, and pushed herself down all the way on my cock.

Lexi placed her hands on my chest, and pushed herself down as far as she could, riding it hard and deep, squeezing her cunt on every up stroke. I reached up and put my hands on her hips to help dictate the pace. She smiled and started leaning back, putting her hands behind her on the floor, spreading her legs wide, and pushing my cock further inside her.

I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at the vision before me, of a bare naked, sweat glistened Alexa Bliss taking the full length of my cock.

She must have ridden me like that for several minutes, cumming a few times in the process. Ultimately I reached up with one hand, and started tweaking her nipples, which caused her to buck even harder.

My cock started twitching inside her as I grew ready to cum again. She either sensed it, or didn’t care as her own orgasm approached. I started bucking up into her with long thrust, as she’d push down hard into it, grinding her clit against my hips, holding for a moment, then sliding up, followed by slamming down on my cock again.

“We don’t have much time,” she moaned while glancing up at the clock.

In all the chaos, it only occurred to me now that we were supposed to be in the car picking up Buddy across town – instead here I was balls-deep inside his famous fiance.

“Think you can cum again,” I hissed, to which she smiled.

“I wanna make you cum too!” she replied, before leaning down to kiss me hard on the lips.

Our tongues spiraled aggressively as I reached down to grab both of her luscious cheeks in each hand, and pounded up into her like a god-damn jackhammer. Alexa cried as the sound of skin slapping against skin resonated around the room.

“Lexi, come for me!” I growled inside her mouth. “—cum all over my cock!”

The mewling starlet could only sob loudly as I pounded her mercilessly while we each approached the finish line.

As I started to cum, I arched my back, burying myself deeper inside her cunt. She pushed back down against me, and started thrashing about wildly as she came harder than she ever had before.

We climaxed together, with me ejaculating deep inside her womb before I pulled out and collapsed beside her in utter exhaustion, my hot-thick load, slowly seeping out of her spent pussy.

“You still want those keys,”

“Nah, you go ahead. I surrender. You win.”

“Good girl.”