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In 2016, she temporarily joined the cast of the Fox sitcom New Girl, filling in for star Zooey Deschanel, who was out on maternity life. She breathed new life into the aging sitcom as Reagan, an aloof, glamorous drug company rep who falls into a relationship with slacker Nick (Jake Johnson). Meanwhile, her roles in the upcoming James Franco period comedy Zeroville and the dark ensemble comedy Big Gold Brick prove that there’s life after giant transforming robots and pizza-loving sewer ninjas for Megan Fox.

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Megan Fox has been a household name for over a decade. The American actress and model is known for her striking beauty, and her talents have landed her in a number of Hollywood blockbuster movies, including the Transformers franchise.

Megan Fox’s beauty is often described as sultry, exotic, and intense. Her sharp features, high cheekbones, and full lips give her a distinct look that is both alluring and captivating. Her piercing blue eyes are one of her most noticeable features, and they seem to draw people in with their depth and intensity.